Project Mc2 Attracts Girls to STEAM and We [Heart] That!

STEAM building set for boys and girls

Have you heard about Project Mc2? Its a great Netflix series aimed at girls that gives them role models in the science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) fields. Its meant to get girls into STEAM and it seems to be working.

Now in its fourth season, Project Mc2 follows the exploits of four teenaged girls who are recruited by a secret spy agency to help solve crimes of significant importance using their STEAM skills.

STEAM building set for boys and girls

The characters and actresses playing them are:

    • McKeyla McAlister, played by Mika Abdalla,
    • Adrienne Attoms, played by Victoria Vida,
    • Bryden Bandweth, played by Genneya Walton,
    • Camryn Coyle, played by Ysa Penarejo,
    • Devon DMarco played by Alyssa Lynch, and
    • Ember Evergreen played by Belle Shouse.

The series also stars real-life mathematician Danica McKellar, who starred in The Wonder Years television show.

There are plenty of camps and workshops aimed at getting girls interested in the STEAM fields and they all deserve a lot of credit, but this is another avenue to reach that target market and Netflix is a platform that basically everyone is familiar with. It gives girls heroes they can identify with and emulate in a fun little show where the girls save the day using their intelligence and STEAM skills. Hopefully it will lead to more media like it.

You can also get dolls based on the show that come with science experiments. Netflix has posted YouTube videos that show the actresses in character walking viewers through the experiments.

The dolls give girls something tangible to associate with the show and we love that the dolls each come with a science experiment kit. Theyre more akin to action figures, really, but the action here is outsmarting the bad guys using science. We think its a great message to send to girls and a great way to possibly get them interested in the STEAM fields.

You know what would go great with the Project Mc2 dolls? Click-A-Bricks! You could build a robot and have the robot team up with the Project Mc2 girls.



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