10 Coolest Cop Cars from Around the World

Click-A-Brick STEM toy for boys and girls

We love us some cars here at Click-A-Brick!

You know what cars are really cool? Police cars! But, if you think all police cars are the same, boy do we have some amazing news for you! They’re not.

Police cars come in all shapes and sizes and some of those cars are super fast. We would love to be the lucky cops who get to ride around in these fabulous rides. These are super cars, but they have the lights and sirens of real police cars, which of course makes them supercopmobiles!

Bad guys can run as fast as they can, but they can’t outrun any police driving these amazing autos. This infographic comes courtesy of rentalcars24h.com.

If you want to make your own supercopmobile, grab your Click-A-Brick Rescue Squad set and start snapping those bricks together.

10 Coolest Police Cars Around The Globe



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