We Want to Build a House with these Adult-Sized Building Blocks

Click-A-Brick educational building block for boys and girls

Look at these things! They’re adult-sized building blocks!

We are amazed at the simple ingenuity of EverBlock Systems. You can use them to create walls, small rooms, furniture, steps, columns and more.

Founded by Arnon Rosan, the company sells and rents the blocks globally and even has applications for disaster relief and military operations outlined on its website.

The blocks come in four sizes:

  • a 12-inch long full block,
  • a 6-inch long half block,
  • a 3-inch long quarter block, and
  • a 12-inch finishing cap with a smooth side.

Durable and reusable, the blocks can be taken apart and reassembled without tools. And they’re weather resistant.

The concept behind EverBlocks is so simple, the really amazing thing is that nobody thought of this sooner.

People instinctively know how to build with EverBlocks already because everyone has had building blocks as a child. Who wouldn’t want to build something with these things?

Check them out in action in the video above.




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