We Totally Agree with this Harvard Expert

Click-A-Brick best building block toy for boys and girls

Some names are just synonymous with smart. Harvard for example. When you hear the name Harvard, it just makes you think of smart people.

That’s why we’re excited about a new blog post that recommends building blocks as a Christmas present for kids. It’s not just anyone saying it, it’s Harvard University! That’s like, one of the smartest places on Earth!

Specifically, it’s Dr. Claire McCarthy, a paediatrician and faculty editor of the Harvard Health Blog who recommends three types of toys for parents to get their children for the holidays:

  • Toys that require imagination and that can be used in many different ways
    • blocks or building sets that can build lots of different things
    • materials for writing, drawing, and painting with lots of blank paper
    • simple dollhouses with people to go inside them
    • simple, non-electric cars, boats, airplanes
    • a play kitchen (add an apron and chef’s hat)
    • Dress up clothes like capes, robes, wizard’s hats, cowboy hats
  • Toys that encourage interaction with parents and caregivers
    • games
    • a model or something else to build together
    • a tent to set up and pretend camp in the living room or yard
    • walkie-talkies
  • Toys that get kids moving
    • a ball and whatever other equipment is required to use it (baseball & bat, basketball and hoop, etc)
    • jump ropes
    • roller skates or ice skates
    • a scooter or bike

When you’re out doing your Christmas shopping, keep in mind that it’s not always toys that are based on the latest video game or movie that are best for your child. Your child has an amazing imagination and all it needs is a tiny spark to get going.




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