Learning Toy Company Click-A-Brick Commends UK Toys R’ Us For Quiet Shopping Hour Initiative

Learning toy company Click-A-Brick has applauded the efforts of Toys R’ Us in the United Kingdom for offering a quiet shopping hour to accommodate children and adults with autism and call on Toys R’ Us in the United States and Canada to do the same.

On Nov. 6, Toys R’ Us stores across the UK opened an hour early, dimmed lights and eschewed playing music and making announcements over the loudspeaker system in the stores. Held annually since 2014, the event is meant to create a welcoming shopping environment for people living with autism who find noisy stores filled with bright lights and jostling people to be stressful environments, particularly during the Christmas shopping period.

As reported in The Telegraph, Toys R Us marketing and eCommerce director Mike Coogan said: “Making slight adjustments to stores and creating a ‘quiet’ shopping period allows children and young adults to experience the fun in a toy shop regardless of their disability. We understand toys are more personal to many additional needs individuals, so being able to relax and choose something special themselves and enjoy the facilities and content of the store, the same as other children can do without concerns, will help in making their Christmas truly magical.”

The team at Click-A-Brick applaud the Toys R’ Us movement in the UK, saying it gives everyone a chance to enjoy Christmas shopping. The learning toy company co-founders also call on Toys R’ Us in North America to follow the lead of their UK counterparts and start offering quiet shopping hours on this side of the Atlantic.

“We appreciate the efforts of Toys R’ Us in the United Kingdom to be inclusive for people living with autism by having a quiet shopping hour,” Click-A-Brick Co-Founder Jason Smith said. “We all know how hectic Christmas shopping is and not everyone can handle that type of stressful environment. We don’t think just because a child or adult has autism they should not be able to enjoy the great feeling of getting something special for someone else. All the noise and bright lights and overly zealous people that come with Christmas shopping can be a real barrier for people with autism and this is a way to bring down that barrier so everyone can enjoy it.

“We formally call on Toys R’ Us here in North America to institute quiet shopping hours. Some trends are worth hopping on and this is one of them. And, although not available at Toys R’ Us, Click-A-Brick can be purchased in the quiet, non-threatening environment of your own home on Amazon.”

For more information, please visit http://www.clickabricktoys.net/

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