Educational Building Toy Click-A-Brick Gives Accolades To New Toy Recycling Startup

Educational building toy company Click-A-Brick has given high accolades to a new toy recycling initiative started in California that aims to create small, regional areas where parents can give away toys their children are no longer using to other nearby parents.

The new initiative, called TOY-CYCLE, will see families registering on a website to connect with other families in their local area. Any families that have toys they want to give away can post them on the website and other families who want the toys can arrange to pick them up. Or, families who are looking for a specific toy can post on the website and any families that might have that toy can respond to the ad saying they want to get rid of the sought after toy.

Founder of the startup, Oakland mother Rhonda Collins, says the website is meant to help families declutter their homes while also being environmentally friendly.

“I have felt tormented by what I call toy tyranny,” Collins said in a statement. “First there’s the cost of toys and then the constant clutter. Finally there’s the environmental impact when it comes to disposing of the toys your kids have outgrown. Our new website addresses all three.”

Since the website is meant to connect families that live in the same geographical area, there should be no packaging, no shipping and there is meant to be no money that changes hands. Plus, it’s meant for children of all ages.

The startup just started an Indiegogo campaign for funding to finish development of its website and expansion of its network.

At educational building toy company Click-A-Brick, co-founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza are marvelling at the ingenuity of the new startup.

“While we think ‘tyranny’ might be a little strong of a word, we totally get what this mother is talking about,” Smith said. “All one has to do is look at the list of ‘must have’ toys that come out at this time of year to get an understanding of how much pressure parents are under to always be buying the latest and greatest toys for their kids. There seems to be a shift happening in the way people think about toys nowadays, though. The image of the overflowing toy box and the cluttered child’s bedroom is giving way to one of a cleaner bedroom and a toy box that instead of being stuffed with unused toys, only has the toys children really play with while the unused toys are given to someone who wants them. We love it.”

Click-A-Brick has always advocated for people who are no longer using their Click-A-Bricks to recycle them by giving them to a family who can use them and the company continues to encourage people to recycle their Click-A-Bricks when their children are no longer playing with them.

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