Unboxing Videos: Harmless or Harmful?


You’ve probably heard of unboxing videos by now. They are extremely popular and the launch of the latest Star Wars toys took these videos mainstream last September with an 18-hour international unboxing event that essentially saw every new available Star Wars toy taken out of the box and … well, that’s about it.

That’s the entire idea behind these videos. People open the toy boxes, take out the toys and simply explain what the toys are.


Recently, child psychologists have been warning parents that the videos can be harmful because they are basically long-form advertisements; infomercials for kids, if you will.


We believe the unboxing craze does have the potential to be harmful in that way, but it can also be used to teach kids about advertising and make them smarter consumers.


It’s not going to be easy to explain the concept of advertising and the purpose of these videos to a young child who is distracted by the shiny new toy being unboxed. But, kids pick up on things pretty quickly and you can use the opportunity to introduce them to the concept of advertising and what its purpose is.


You may be able to teach them about it by having them do their own unboxing video so they can see things from the other perspective. We know a superb educational toy that you could use for your very own unboxing video …




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