Learning Toy Company Founders Laud the Efforts of the Nonprofit Playworks

Learning Toy Company Founders Laud the Efforts of the Nonprofit PlayworksPlayworks is a national nonprofit whose mission is to improve the health and well-being of children. They aim to accomplish this goal by advocating for an increase in available opportunities for physical activity. They also aim to provide for safe and meaningful play.The non profit currently serves more than 900 schools in 23 U.S. cities. It reaches over half a million students directly and through its network of professional training services.


The organization was founded by Jill Vialet in 1996. The vision of Playworks is to change the concept of recess. They want to correct the misconception that recess is the most chaotic period of the school day, where children return to class upset and unable to focus. Instead, their mission is to make recess a positive and productive time for all kids.


The Co-Founder of the learning toy company Click-A-Brick Jason Smith praises their mission. “Recess should be fun and energetic and safe and inclusive for everyone,” Smith said. “It should be seen as a healthy and integral part of the school day. It’s a positive experience that carries with it positive effects beyond the playground. I see it with my own kids. I try to provide them every day with unstructured time for them to explore and be themselves. Our toy lines at Click-A-Brick are built on that same concept: allow kids to build and immerse themselves in a world of their own choosing.”

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